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Culture Rarámuri

About the Rarámuri culture

Members of the Rarámuri ethnic group value the community over the individual. In their meetings, called nawesarís, they discuss common issues and make decisions by consensus, prioritizing the well-being of all. Solidarity governs their actions.


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Copper Canyon

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Some of History

With more than 10 thousand years of history, the Rarámuri in the Copper Canyon fused their life with the environment. The arrival of Jesuit missionaries integrated traditions into the Catholic calendar. On holidays, they bless the earth and are world champions in drag racing. In this unique society, community overcomes individuality, creating a unique and lasting narrative.


Traditional Rarámuri cuisine

La comida típica de los rarámuri, o tarahumaras, es sencilla y basada en autoconsumo. Destacan el "pinole", bebida nutritiva de maíz tostado, y el ritual ocasional del "tónari", cocinando una res para compartir entre la comunidad. Además del maíz, cultivan frijoles, calabazas y hortalizas.

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Heritage cultural

Foot racing competitions among the Rarámuris communities have been elements of social cohesion between the different towns of the Tarahumara region. Ball races among men and ariwueta races among women not only promote coexistence, but have also given them worldwide fame for being the most resistant runners on the planet. In their competitions between communities, the men bet even their shirts, and the women their skirts. The team that wins will distribute among the community the pile of objects that its opponents bet.

ball race

Sierra Tarahumara

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