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City Juarez

Samalayuca Dunes


Heroic Ciudad Juárez

The economy of the Heroic Ciudad Juárez is the number one in the northern center of Mexico and Chihuahua

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Heroic Ciudad Juarez

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Some of History

Its original name was Our Lady of Guadalupe de los Mansos del Paso del Norte. It was founded on December 8, 1659 by Fray García de San Francisco.

The Guadalupe mission was located at "El Paso" usually used to cross the Rio Grande to the north.



Traditional food: The burrito

El burrito es lo más representativo de esta dinámica ciudad fronteriza. Una deliciosa tortilla de harina rellena del guiso de su elección con una untada de frijoles refritos bien molidos, ya sea de carne de res, puerco o pollo, en salsas de chile rojo, verde o de tomate. Eso es Juárez.

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Heritage cultural

The cultural manifestations in this border area incorporate the best of both sides of the border, Ciudad Juárez and El Paso, TX., are cities that participate in all areas of human endeavor. Regional Mexican cuisine is present on both sides of the border, musical tastes and art exhibitions are equally shared, displayed in the
Museums of the Revolution and Chamizal, in the Casa de Juan Gabriel and in La Rodadora.

Juan Gabriel Walk

City Juarez

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