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Guachochi, place of magical waterfalls

It is an area where water abounds, forming lakes and waterfalls that add great beauty to the area.
high mountain landscape, is where you can admire them from spectacular viewpoints
the Sinforosa and Wuérachi Canyons. Guachochi has the highest concentration of ranches
rarámuris. The most resistant Rarámuri runners have come from Guachochi, who compete in
the Ultra Marathon of the Canyons that each year attracts hundreds of runners from many countries.



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Copper Canyon

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Vista aérea del bosque
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Some of History

From the Rarámuri language it means “place of herons”. In the mid-18th century, this Magical Town was founded as a visiting town by Jesuit missionaries, since Rarámuri ranches abounded in the area. With abundant water springing naturally, mestizos moved in and began planting fruit orchards. Corn and beans grew very well, and thus it became an indigenous and commercial center.



Here the story is very different, the large amount of water available allowed cereals, fruits and vegetables to grow; Chickens, cattle and pigs will be raised. Rainbow trout breeding was encouraged in the lakes and ponds. In local restaurants it is served fried, steamed and/or stuffed.


Heritage cultural

Guachochi's wealth comes from its abundant water, it forms rivers, streams, lakes and waterfalls, supporting all types of life. The narrow ravines of the Santa Sinforosa, and the extensive chasms in the peaks of Wuérachi tell us about the intense volcanism that formed the Sierra Tarahumara.

El Salto Waterfall


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