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City Smoked

Asadero quesadillas


Smoky Villa and its delicious food

The oldest history of this town is associated with the Labor of Magdalena and Presidio del Carrizal, founded in colonial times to combat the nomads of the region. Being in the middle of the most immense meadows led to the raising of dairy cattle, resulting in delicious culinary creations such as barbecues and stews based mostly on beef.

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Some of History

It was in 1874 that the Labor de Magdalena was founded on this site, at that time there was only the Presidio of El Carrizal, which was founded in 1758, located a few kilometers southwest of the current town of Ahumada. According to chronicles, it was in 1865 in El Carrizal when President Benito Juárez spent the night there, on his way to El Paso del Norte, that he received the distinction of being named “Benemerito of the Americas.”



The capital of burritos

Halfway between Chihuahua Capital and Ciudad Juárez, the more than traditional, but obligatory stop is at the burrito and quesadilla stands of Villa Ahumada. Those with chiles stuffed with asadero, those with beans with asadero and those with roasted green or red chile, with safety pins.


Heritage cultural

The immensity of the Chihuahuan desert with infinite views, that hostile ecosystem that only the strongest can resist.
Today they are an obligatory stop during the trip to or from Ciudad Juárez, to taste the most delicious asaderos and stews wrapped in flour tortillas.

Asadero cheese

City Smoked

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