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Way to Batopilas

La Bufa Viewpoint


Batopilas, Magic Town

Located just 500 meters above sea level, this historic town prospered at the bottom of the ravine of the same name. It owes its fame to the rich silver deposits that attracted gambusinos from Spain at the beginning of the 17th century and investors from France, England and the United States at the end of the 18th century. Some of its mansions were transformed into boutique hotels. The Jesuits built a beautiful Mission downstream. The road that descends 1500 meters in 15 kilometers will take you through landscapes of incredible views from mountain climate to tropical climate.

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Copper Canyon

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Vista aérea del bosque
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Some of History

In 1708, José de la Cruz found rich deposits of silver. Batopilas means “boxed river” in the Rarámuri language. The mine produced so much wealth that it became famous throughout the world, it is said that it supported up to 50 thousand inhabitants. In 1880 Alexander Shepherd arrived in Batopilas, with him the capitals of England, France and Germany. Thanks to him, Batopilas was the second town in Mexico to have electricity.

Cultura local


At the bottom of the ravine, the cuisine merged with the European heritage brought by the miners. The missionaries planted fruit and citrus orchards that grow very well. The recipes incorporated seafood from the Pacific coast and the rest is history.

Heritage natural

To get to this town, you descend from the high mountain range of more than 2,300 meters asl to less than 500. This variable altitude in such a short distance gives us a unique opportunity to learn about the types of climate, the variable of its flora and fauna, surrounded by amazing beauty.


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