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Town Magical

Hidalgo del Parral


Hidalgo del Parral: Magical Town

Hidalgo del Parral, Pueblo Mágico, Cultural Capital of the State of Chihuahua, protected monument area. Its mining past and the great production of minerals made it the Capital of Nueva Vizcaya. The King of Spain recognized it as the "Silver Capital of the World"

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Some of History

The King of Spain, Felipe IV, named Hidalgo del Parral as "Silver Capital of the World". Legends say that the veins of silver were so abundant that "they seemed to spring from the ground itself."



Traditional food

De acá son los dulces de leche quemada, aderezados con piñones, almendras y nuez. Los modestos panes llamados “Rayadas” cuya delicia es precisamente la raya de azúcar que les agrega un dulce sabor.


Heritage cultural

In Parral, since colonial times it has been characterized by the fact that its citizens are interested in the arts in all its representations, the Hidalgo theater was inaugurated presenting the opera Aida. The Palacio Alvarado Cultural Center and the Griensen House are forums for the Jornadas Villistas and concerts, book presentations, and talks are held throughout the year.
Around the main square are the Temple of San José and the historical archive of Chihuahua.

Hidalgo Theater

Hidalgo del Parral

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