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Pearls of the Conchos

San Francisco de conchos

Hill Lake

The Pearls of Conchos

Towns and small cities with a long tradition of agriculture, livestock and fruit growing. The waters of the Conchos give life to this area of the Chihuahuan Desert. The cities of Delicias stand out with the  Museum of Paleontology, Camargo and Jiménez with its immense walnut trees.

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Pearl of the Conchos

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Some of History

In 1987 the town of Santa Rosalía was founded, which later became Camargo, at the confluence of the Conchos and Floridos rivers.


Traditional food:
Fried fish

In the Las Vírgenes dams, in La Boquilla or in Lake Colina around Delicias and Camargo, restaurants and snack bars specialize in fried fish, accompanied by rice, beans and the most delicious sauces.

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Heritage cultural

The paleontological heritage is shown in the Museums of Paleontology and the Chihuahuan Desert located in Ciudad Delicias, in the Casa Camargo Museum the route cradle of Artists begins, in Jiménez city we recommend visiting the parish of Santo Cristo de Burgos. In Rosales there is the Casa de Juárez Museum, where it is remembered that it was the national palace for a day.
In Meoqui you can see the temple of San Pablo Apóstol built between 1862 and 1877.

Chihuahuan Desert Museum

City Delight

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