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Barrancas del Cobre


Barrancas del Copper

Discover the magic of

"The Copper Canyons"

One of the largest canyon systems in the world, composed of very high walls, waterfalls and viewpoints arranged by nature to appreciate the grandeur of its works. The Tarahumara also live here and their domains are reached through the Chihuahua-Pacific tourist railway.

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Copper Canyon

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Vista aérea del bosque
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Some of History

The ravines were created by a tectonic movement approximately 20 million years ago.The original inhabitants of the Barrancas have lived there for more than 10 thousand years.




The traditional cuisine of the Barrancas is linked to the Rarámuri culture. The best runners in the world take the Pinole during their journeys through the mountains or during their competitions; roasted and ground corn in metate. It is mixed with water and becomes a highly energetic drink.


Heritage cultural

The Chihuahua-Pacific railway is known by this name. It is the most comfortable way to tour part of the Copper Canyon. The route is   considered among the 10 most important routes in the world. From your window you will see the most impressive views pass before your eyes. Chepe's services are already legendary. They offer signature food and drinks on board. During the summer months, Easter and Christmas holidays, you must reserve well in advance due to the great demand that exists for this tour.

The Chepe

Barrancas del Copper

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