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Coyame del Sotol

Pegüis Canyon

Coyame, land of sotol

Coyame, land of sotol and caves that contain marine samples inside, stalactites and stalagmites that we can admire on a tour accessible even in a wheelchair.

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Some of History

One kilometer before reaching the town of Coyame del Sotol, during the Cretaceous period, some caves were formed that are a true masterpiece of nature.




En la presa El Granero, en el río Conchos y en el Bravo se pesca bien. Las mojarras freídas en el disco son deliciosas. Los ranchos ganaderos proveen de muy buena carne y las discadas están a la orden del día.

AAT_5566ALDAMA (1741).JPG

Heritage cultural

Ciudad Aldama and in the cities of the Chihuahuan desert, the cultural heritage is that built in colonial times, such as the old Mission of Santa Ana and the Temple of San Jerónimo. In Coyame del Sotol, the old Franciscan mission is preserved in very good condition and in the nearby Cuchillo Parado, cradle of the Revolution, the Casa de Toribio Ortega Museum. In Ojinaga, the Casa de la Cultura Museum addresses archeology and anthropology issues.

Santa Ana Mission

City Aldama

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