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Municipality San Francisco del Oro

San Francisco de Asis Parish


A mining town linked to France

Unlike its neighbors Parral and Santa Bárbara whose mines were exploited for the benefit of the Spanish crown, capital and miners came to San Francisco del Oro from France. The first attempt at founding occurred in 1658, leaving it depopulated in two years and for the next one hundred years.

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Some of History

In 1853 a second attempt was made, now run by the company “Compagnie Minière de San Francisco del Oro et Annexes” headed by the brothers Martín and Pierre Elissague, they introduced the technological advances driven by the industrial revolution in Europe, inviting relatives and friends to take advantage of the boom in gold and silver production that lasted for another 50 years and then sold and retired from the business without leaving any trace.



Typical food

Among the tastes of the miners are enchiladas, tacos and stews with meat and green and red chiles. This is what is consumed in the few homes that continue to inhabit “El Oro” as they affectionately call it.
They call to the people.

Heritage cultural

In 1694 the construction of the San Francisco de Asis temple in San Francisco del Oro began for Catholic worship.
For being within a radius of 20 minutes or 50 km. “El Oro” Santa Bárbara and Parral and because they are of mining origin, they share the same cultural heritage.

San Francisco de Asis Parish

MunicipalitySan Francisco del Oro

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