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Copper Canyon

Divisadero Station


Divisadero: Chepé Station

50 years ago the hotel industry began in the famous Chepe Railway station with unique views of the Barrancas. Passengers can enjoy the landscape for 20 minutes or stay in a hotel with spectacular views. The Adventure Park offers zip lines and Rarámuri cultural experiences.


A destination that combines nature and emotions.

Copper Canyon

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Vista aérea del bosque
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Some of History

As in Creel, at Divisadero Station the Chihuahua to Pacific railway line was
decisive for its foundation. The complete Chepe route was inaugurated in 1961 by President Adolfo López Mateos. The Copper Canyon Adventure Park was inaugurated in
2010, and since then, it has gained prestige among those who like extreme sports.



The railroad arrived and the locals' diet diversified. They were incorporated into beef and chicken, fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood. Dividero Station is famous for its delicious flour or corn gorditas, stuffed with roasts with meat, sautéed, red and stuffed chiles.

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Heritage cultural

At this point 3 deep ravines converge, Cobre, Tararecua and Urique. The viewpoints offer wonderful views at both sunrise and sunset. The Chepe railway uses the Tararecua to leave this intricate mountainous region on its way to the sea.

The Chepe

Barrancas del Copper

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