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City Warrior


Warrior City

The Jesuits found Rarámuris in the Papigochi River and the Spanish colonists founded Ciudad Guerrero, the cradle of free thinkers. Today it stands out for its atmosphere and apple trees.


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Some of History

Irrigated by the Papigochi River, this fertile valley has been inhabited by natives since time immemorial. Since 1641, when the conquerors and evangelizers arrived, it was considered a strategic site to establish a Mission. There was a lot of resistance from the natives, they even martyred two missionaries and destroyed the Mission. In 1690 repopulation was attempted again. Until today, the indigenous population remains quite large.




They inherited the tradition of cooking from their Spanish ancestors, who lived in the area since colonial times. This mestizo cuisine is even documented in recipe books that include delicious desserts seasoned with apples from their orchards.

Cultural heritage

The most traditional event of this small city is celebrated around its October fair when the Apple Fair is held. Guerrero is scented in spring by the flowering of the thousands and thousands of trees in its apple orchards, which they cook, dehydrate and package naturally or in jellies and jams. The Museum dedicated to the brave native men of Guerrero who participated in the Mexican Revolution is not to be missed.

City Warrior

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