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Barrancas del Copper

Urique Canyon


Urique: Spectacular viewpoint

At the spectacular Barrancas viewpoint, located in Bahuichivo, descend 1800 m to explore Urique. Cerocahui offers accommodation and Cerro del Gallego, impressive views. The area hosts annual running competitions, challenging local athletes and those "born to run."

Copper Canyon

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Vista aérea del bosque
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Some of History

In 1690 a gold mine was discovered at the bottom of the Urique ravine, which in Spanish
rarámuri meansplace of ravines. Priests from the company of Jesus arrived to evangelize the natives. When the deposits were depleted, the population basically dedicated themselves to small-scale agriculture and livestock farming, leaving mining as an artisanal job.



As in the rest of the Copper Canyon, the locals' diet was based on their crops, mostly corn, beans, chili peppers and pumpkin. Thanks to Chepe, seafood products arrived from the Sea of Cortez and good meat arrived from the cattle ranches.

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Heritage natural

The deepest abyss of 1830 meters. and the most infinite view can be seen from the Cerro del Gallego viewpoint, an obligatory step to descend towards the town of Urique. The abysses and its tropical climate foster the life of endemic birds, it is a paradise for bird watchers.

Barrancas del Copper

Gallego Hill

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