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Municipality Jimenez

San Cristo de Burgos Parish


In the Mapimí pocket

It is the first city that will welcome you to the state of Chihuahua when you arrive from the south is Jiménez. The Spanish conquistadors arrived in the area in 1643. Only, on the banks of the Florido River, there live natives who were not so friendly. Finally they were outnumbered by the Spanish and founded a Military Prison. Jiménez is within the Mapimí Bolsón and very close to the core area of the “zone of silence.”

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Some of History

The first known chronicles of the area date back to 1562, when Francisco de Ibarra's expedition established San Bartolomé, the first European settlement. In 1865, during the French intervention in Mexico, Jiménez was the site of the fight against the invading forces. The arrival of the railroad facilitated communications and trade. Mexican troops achieved important victories during the revolution of 1910. The Northern Division had a modern hospital aboard wagons.



In this city, the last one before leaving the state to the south, it offers delicacies based on stews and roast beef accompanied with flour tortillas. Jiménez is special for its oregano aroma, it grows very well here. And for dessert, a sweet burnt milk and walnut.

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Heritage natural

The zone of silence or ground zero of the Bolsón de Mapimí is about 100 kilometers to the south. Jiménez serves as a base to venture to know this enigmatic area where there is endemic flora and fauna, there are several hot springs, salt banks and the San Pedro River.

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Municipality of Jimenez

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