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Get to know the Community

Mennonite Museum

City Cuauhtemoc

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About Mennonite culture

In Chihuahua, near Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, Villa Ahumada and El Sueco, Mennonite communities offer products such as jam, cheese and salamis. Discover their life at the Mennonite Cultural Center and Museum, kilometer 10.5 of the industrial corridor, where local guides will offer you an enriching experience.


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Chihuahua and its surroundings

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Some of History

The origins of this community date back to Prussia and their arrival in Mexico dates back more than a century ago, when they emigrated from Canada. Due to their pacifist culture and religious beliefs, they refrain from participating in armed conflicts, which led them to America during the world wars and finally to Chihuahua, where they were exempt from military service. Their form of prayer is manifested through work, as they contributed significantly to enriching the desert culture and transforming the local economy.


Mennonite food

Mennonite food combines German traditions with Mexican influences, highlighting the famous "Mennonite cheese" in dishes such as tacos and empanadas. In addition, they make their own salamis, bread, cookies and packaged vegetables. Mennonite women are industrious in the kitchen, preserving their generational culinary identity.

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Heritage cultural

At kilometer 10.5 of the Cuauhtémoc highway towards Álvaro Obregón, is the Mennonite Museum and Cultural Center. It is a typical house of a Mennonite family where the meaning and life of its members is explained. It is attended by a community guide and is very sufficient to open the window of understanding of this town of pacifists dedicated to working in the fields and living their religion based on the principles of universal coexistence.

Mennonite Museum

City Cuauhtemoc

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