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Cathedral of Our Lady from Guadalupe

In ancient times, it was a small chapel reserved for the exclusive use of Francisco Montaño de la Cueva. As time progressed, it passed through the hands of several heirs until, finally, in 1717, it was acquired by the priest Manuel de Neura, who became the driving force behind its transformation into the cathedral we know today. .

Its construction was built using adobe and lime and stone shingles, an ancient architectural method. Imposing, the bell tower stands proudly and shows three bells inside.

However, the fate of this building changed in 1902, when the decision to erect a new church shook the believers. The old interior chapel was demolished to make way for a new structure, whose completion would come in 1959. This renovated version delights the eye with its main altar and is distinguished by its distinctive Italian mosaic covering, a jewel that shines with its own light.

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