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City Juarez

Historical Center

Old North Pass

Border city whose inhabitants have always known how to take advantage of the opportunities of
business, recreation and health, which provides them with their proximity to the most important tourist and consumer market in the world. The Juarenses are custodians of Mexican culture, and have adopted good practices and values of discipline, work, collaboration, effort and dedication. Visit the best border in Mexico, you will be surprised by the excellence in service.

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Heroic Ciudad Juarez

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Some of History

The old Paso del Norte was founded in 1659, its location became strategic since the conquest, as it was a resting place for the caravans that traveled along the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro on their way to Santa Fe, today New Mexico. It was home to the homeland of President Benito Juárez, and was the scene of the triumph of the Mexican revolution in 1911. “Nearshoring” has not been foreign to the Heroic City. The maquiladora industry was established and prospered.




Durante la construcción de las vías del ferrocarril, había que llevar la comida a los trabajadores en donde fuera la vía. “Ahí vienen los burritos” fue un grito de alegría, ya que los guisos eran transportados en burro y a falta de platos, se servían envueltos en tortillas de harina. El resto es historia.


Heritage cultural

La ciudad fronteriza muestra en los magníficos museos de Arte, Historia y Arqueología la valía y diversidad cultural de México. El Museo de arte, el Museo de la Revolución de la Frontera, el Museo de Arqueología e Historia del Chamizal y el Museo de la Rodadora son imperdibles.

La Rodadora Museum

City Juarez

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