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City Ojinaga

Parish of Jesus Nazarene


Border city: Meeting of rivers and parks

Border city where the Conchos River and the Bravo River meet, in Texas is the national parkBig Bend, in Chihuahua, the Santa Elena Canyon, a protected natural area of flora and fauna. Placedesert with stacked stone formations where Comanches and Apaches lived.


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Some of History

Here the waters of the Conchos River meet with those of the Rio Grande that delimit the border with the state of Texas. On June 2, 1716, the San Francisco de la Junta de los Ríos prison was founded, although its history dates back to the passage of Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, a survivor of the shipwreck that occurred in Florida in 1528, an event that made it the great chronicler of one of the most outstanding human epics in the history of the conquest of America.


Tradition and customs

The tradition in this border city is musical. Northern or regional music groups were formed here. The Spring Ensemble has multiple Grammy Awards. On the main street there is a walk with the stars of the most famous groups that continue to be successful in the US.

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