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Coyame del Sotol

Pegüis Canyon


Jeans and natural wonders

Coyame del Sotol is an extremely famous town in the state of Texas because from there they comethe best jeans. It has a thermal water spa and some fabulous caves whose routeIt can last up to two hours, and they are even equipped for wheelchairs.


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Some of History

The origin of Coyame is due to the founding of Military Prisons. In 1715, Juan Antonio Trasviña y Retes founded this town that could not be sustained because Apache and Concho Indians lived around its spring and made the task of pacification very difficult for the people. Spanish people. The Apaches continued to fight for their territory until 1880, when the last battle took place between the Apache nation under the command of the legendary Victorio and the Mexican army.


Tradition and customs

The best and most appreciated jeans come from Coyame. That's what they say throughout the southern United States. They are very brave, formal and hardworking. They inherited the craft from centuries of tradition.


Cultural heritage

The love of the cowboy tradition of the old Presidio, today Coyame, continues to be carried with great pride by current generations. Colearos and rodeos are held with long-horned cattle, especially to celebrate national and patron saint holidays.

Coyame Grottoes

Coyame del  Sotol

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