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Parish of Saint Jerome

City Aldama


Charms near the capital

This small city is only 29 kilometers from the Capital. The Chuvíscar river in its passage,It maintains a century-old avenue and in one of its entrances it is adorned with the building of theold Mission of Santa Ana. It is ideal to visit the spas and the zoo with the family.


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Some of History

San Jerónimo was the first name by which this oasis was known; it was founded on the banks of the Chuvíscar River, which is joined kilometers before by the flow of the Sacramento River. An attempt was made to settle it since 1671. By 1717 the Franciscans built the Santa Ana Mission to evangelize the Conchos and Chinarras Indians who inhabited the region. The site was also
frequented by groups of Apaches and Comanches. Finally, in 1783 a Villa was established.



In Aldama, Coyame, Cuchillo Parado, Ojinaga and Manuel Benavides they eat balanced meals. They have fresh fish because they have the crossing of the Conchos and Bravo rivers, as well as the Granero dam. The meat and vegetables are roasted with mesquite charcoal and for dessert: quince cajeta!

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Heritage cultural

The musical tradition and the taste for playing instruments is transmitted from generation to generation, as well as the different crafts. Of the built heritage, the Church of San Jerónimo and the Mission of Santa Ana de Chinarras, dating from 1716, stand out.

Santa Ana Mission

City Aldama

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