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City Camargo

Lucha Villa Lighthouse and Statue


Land of artists

This city is very close to San Francisco de Conchos, the Los Filtros spas and Lake Colina. Camargo has very good gastronomic proposals, places to spend the best day in the countryside in spas with thermal waters. This city is also known for being the birthplace of artists. Could it be the water? It is the same that is used to irrigate a planted field or a walnut orchard. The talent of singers, actors, painters and sculptors is notorious.

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Pearl of the Conchos

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Some of History

During the Spanish colonization the area acquired relevance. In 1685 they established the Mission of San Francisco de Conchos, an important settlement adjacent to Camargo. During the Wars of Independence and the Revolution, important battles were fought. Extraordinary filmmakers, singers, sculptors, painters and actors have come to the world from Ciudad Camargo. In a word, Camargo is a land of artists.



Its “chipotleras” have given rise to culinary delights. The jalapeño chili is smoked and becomes chipotle chili. This delicacy is processed locally, becoming the basis for chipotle meatball broths, fish and seafood are seasoned in sauces with this exquisite flavor.

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Heritage natural

It grew on the banks of the Florido River, in addition to having several hot springs, some sulfurous that are used for healing purposes. The spas in Los Filtros, and the dam-Lago Colina, sustain life.

Agua Caliente Spa

Municipality Camargo

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