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Meoqui: A world-class wetland

Meoqui. A World Class Wetland
Small town bathed by the waters of the San Pedro River, a tributary of the Conchos. It has
a World Class Wetland Certified by international environmental organizations, year
Every year, huge flocks of migratory birds arrive on their way south. The wetland is
protected not only by laws, but by its inhabitants, who, for centuries, have inhabited this
Oasis. The spectacle is unique due to the thousands of birds that stop over on their journey south.



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Pearl of the Conchos

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A little history of Chihuahua

Foundation of what is now the city of Chihuahua, which was originally called San Francisco de Cuéllar and later San Felipe El Real de Chihuahua, from this fact the spatial axis of this territory the mining district of Parral to the south, the mission of Casas Grandes and the presidio of Janos to the north "moved" towards the east with the forced passage through Chihuahua.


Some of History

Before the arrival of the Spanish, groups of natives who were called “conchos” lived on the banks of the Conchos and San Pedro rivers. During the colonial era, the population remained on the trade routes. It was not until 1836 that the Villa de Meoqui was founded. The name "Meoqui" is a Rarámuri word that means "place of work." Wildlife is rich in this wetland. It is a bird migration site.



In the restaurants located in the famousMeoqui Ford, just over the bridge, it is tradition to order fried fish. It is delicious, very fresh and they serve it with rice,
beans and potatoes. In the winter months, fish and beef broths are delicious.

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Heritage natural

The life around the San Pedro River, a tributary of the Conchos River, is so rich that it was certified as a World Class Wetland. In the fall, the wetland receives millions of birds from the north, after having rested in the Bosque del Apache in New Mexico, USA.

San Pedro River

Municipality Meoqui

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