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What was Rosales' second?

An anecdote from President Benito Juárez, On his way to the Paso del Norte, he was received
in Rosales with great pleasure. At a dinner, where he could taste delicious food and music
live, they say that Don Benito liked the music so much, that already in Chihuahua Capital, in a
dinner in his honor, he asked that “La Segunda de Rosales” be played, the polka being called “La
Escobita” whose name President Juárez, unintentionally, changed.



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Some of History

Rosales was also indigenous territory in pre-Hispanic times, and in colonial times it was an obligatory passage for commercial conduct. In 1714, the Villa de Santa Cruz de Tapacolmes, today Rosales, was founded. Its fertile soils allow the cultivation of cotton, corn, wheat, beans and chili. It is a peaceful recreational town as it is a place of spas. In 1864, Benito Juárez spent the night in Rosales, on his pilgrimage to El Paso del Norte.



During the construction of the Francisco I. Madero dam, known as “Las Virgenes,” “caldo de oso” originated. In the dam workers' camp, they were offered fish broth too often, and it went from being a “hateful broth” to a bear broth.

AAT ROSALES (1097)_edited.jpg

Heritage natural

Like Meoqui, its ecosystem depends on the river, from whose tributary, the Francisco I. Madero Dam was built, known locally as Las Vírgenes, due to the pillars that were located in its curtain with feminine shapes.

Francisco I. Madero Dam

Municipality Rosales

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