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The victors of the desert

Its foundation is due to the creation of irrigation systems, derived from the Boquilla Dam. It only happened in 1937. In the agricultural fields around Delicias, onions, potatoes, peanuts, jalapeno and chilaca peppers, watermelon, corn, beans, melons and other vegetables are planted. Walnut and pistachio orchards and the furniture industry have expanded. Family meals are enjoyed around the dam on a Sunday. In Delicias the Desert Museum is recommended.

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Pearl of the Conchos

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Some of History

Ciudad Delicias is the youngest city in the State, it was founded only in 1933 although its history goes back even earlier. In 1884, due to the construction of the Mexican Central Railway, and because Don Luis Terrazas donated part of his land to establish the 05 irrigation system, the inhabitants of Delicias diversified their economy by dedicating themselves to agriculture and livestock.



In this young city they have specialized in serving discada, a delicious stew based on minced beef mixed with vegetables, which is cooked precisely on a plow disc, which when they stop serving on tractors, are used as giant frying pans. to eat as a family.

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Heritage natural

For 500 thousand years, at a depth of 290 meters, the most spectacular giant crystals known in the world were formed. In 2000 they were discovered by two miners who, by accident, found galleries full of the largest Selenite crystals on the planet.

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