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Heritage of the humanity


Argeological Region: Paquime

Paquime: Ancient city considered a World Heritage Site.

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Some of History

Since the 6th century, the settlement of what would be the most important city in Arid America began in Paquimé.



Traditional food

In the Buenaventura Valley the best chilaca-type chili grows, it is left to dry on the plants and dried in the sun. The result is the regional delight of Chile Colorado roast. The Parson turkeys that are served at Christmas throughout Mexico come from the area of Nuevo and Casas Grandes.

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Cultural heritage

The ancient civilization that developed in Paquimé covers more than 200 km. The core city was Paquimé, while crops were stored in caves in huge granaries, such as the Cueva de la Olla, there were also homes built in caves, such as 40 Casas near Ciudad Madera. At the Museum of Northern Cultures located in Paquimé, you will learn this and more. In the Pottery town of Mata Ortiz, visit the gallery houses.

Ceramic vases

Mata Ortiz

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