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Macro Plaza Centenary

New Large Houses


The rebirth of a vocation

From being just a railroad stop, it grew to be the most important commercial city in the northwest of the state. The road that starts from La Junta towards Ciudad Juárez via Ciudad Madera was designed to take timber and minerals from the Sierra to the United States. The train stopped operating, the area recovered the vocation held for centuries in Paquimé. Nuevo Casas Grandes is a multicultural city, where education, commerce, services and the arts are privileged.


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Some of History

The Rio Grande, Sierra Madre & Pacific required a service station between La Junta and Ciudad Juárez-El Paso. It was necessary to transport the timber and mineral resources that were being extracted from the forests in the ravines area. It was the year 1897 when it was decided to build the station where today we call Nuevo Casas Grandes.



Traditional food:
A multicultural fusion

The gastronomic proposal in Nuevo Casas Grandes is also multicultural, Chinese, Mennonites, Mormons, mestizos and Rarámuris have adapted their tastes with local inputs creating a fusion cuisine. They eat good meat, the turkeys and legumes are local and tasty.

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Heritage cultural

The Academy in Colonia Juárez offers studies at the preparatory-highschool level. There are 4 universities with several options at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. In Nuevo Casas Grandes where the old station was, it was remodeled and a linear park was built.

Old railway station

New Big houses

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