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Municipality Janos

Biosphere Reserve


Janos Mission, the final frontier

The Mission of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad has been a silent witness of the difficulties that the Franciscans faced in evangelizing the Indians. The Hanos and Sumas groups were very ferocious people, and like the Apaches, they confronted the conquistadors, which is probably why they became extinct. A very important archive from the colonial era is preserved in Janos, it is a paradise for researchers and nature lovers.

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Some of History

The Janos Mission was founded in 1640, as recorded in the chronicles of the time, they faced multiple problems with the native tribes since they were very hostile. For this reason, Janos became one of the 18 Prisons founded on the then last frontier of Nueva Vizcaya. To the hostilities of the Hanos and Sumas, those of the Apaches and the Comanches were added. Today Janos is a peaceful town of ranchers, ranchers and cowboys.



What is known as cowboy food is typical in Janos. Pork roasts with green or red chilies, which are accompanied with rice and beans, are also called wedding roasts. The ranches provide very good beef, pork and turkey. Tortillas are made of flour or corn.

Heritage cultural

Colonial architecture used adobe for greater insulation from the elements in these desert plains. Of the most outstanding historical religious buildings, the old Missionary temple of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad stands out, as well as its important colonial archive.

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